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The Sex Channel Channel 6 – 59 Sensuality Channel 19 -49 Tantric Channels Channel 2 – 14 Channel 29 – 46 Channel 10 – 34 Channel 5 – 15 Co-Dependency Open/Undefined G (Identity) Center Open/Undefined Emotional Solar Plexus Center Gate 19 Gate 50 Gate 27 Channel 50 – 27 Gate 29 Blame Gate 10 The […]

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Align with your True Goals Using Human Design

Develop Discipline, Master your Schedule & Align with your True Goals Using Human Design Human Design offers a unique perspective on developing discipline, mastering one’s schedule, identifying the prime time for productivity, and aligning with true goals. It emphasizes understanding your unique energetic blueprint over adopting one-size-fits-all strategies. Here’s how different aspects of Human Design

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The Power of Alignment: Unlocking the Potential of Your Human Design Type

Embracing Your Unique Human Design Type Unlocking the potential of your human design Type is more than a concept—it’s a practice, a way of living that respects our individuality and the unique contributions we have to offer the world. By aligning with our Human Design, we tap into a powerful source of energy and purpose,

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Human Design, Self-Trust

Human Design & Self-Trust

Self-trust is the confidence in one’s own abilities, decisions, and inner wisdom. It’s the belief that you can rely on your judgment and instincts to navigate life’s challenges and opportunities. Self-trust is foundational to how we interact with the world; it affects our decision-making processes, our relationships, our willingness to take risks, and our resilience

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Human Design, Self-Love

Human Design & Self-Love

Self-love is the appreciation and acceptance of oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological, and spiritual growth. It’s a state of appreciation for oneself that is developed through practices that lead to significant and mature self-awareness, self-respect, and self-care. Self-love is fundamental to living well; it influences who you pick for a

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Human Design, Self-Worth

Human Design & Self-Worth

Self-worth refers to the value you attribute to yourself as a person, independent of external achievements, possessions, or the opinions of others. It’s a deep-seated sense of being worthy of love, respect, and care, based on an intrinsic understanding of one’s value as a human being. Unlike self-esteem, which can fluctuate based on accomplishments or

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