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be boundless.

Human Design is one of the most powerful tools for a deeper understanding of the Self. Combining ancient wisdom with modern science, Human Design provides a roadmap for navigating all areas of life more fluidly.

Learning your design is a process of deconditioning—to discern between your protective personality, learned through experience and conditioning, versus your true Self and the person you came here to be.

This process begins with a deep dive into your unique Human Design chart that provides:

  • Insight into your purpose, greatest gifts, and talents.
  • Potential shadows and challenges you may face.
  • Your ideal approach to achieving goals.
  • Your intuitive decision-making process.
  • The environments in which you best operate.
  • The core needs you may have in relationships, and so much more.

The road to living your happiest, most fulfilled Self is not a one-size-fits-all template. It’s unique to only YOU. Human Design gives you the opportunity to know, develop, and enhance your gifts to be who you truly came here to be, which is the simplest way to live your dream life.

Let’s dive in!

Book a 90-minute private reading with Human Design guide and coach Tina Erdmann, with an 80+ page detailed report delivered in PDF format.

Human Design is a self-awareness tool where science meets spirituality. It helps you peel back the layers of ‘conditioning,’ allowing you to align with who you truly are to live a life meant for only YOU.

The Human Design system synthesizes ancient and modern sciences—Astrology, Astronomy, the Chinese I Ching, the Hindu Chakra System, the Sephiroth of the Jewish Kabbalah, Quantum Physics, Genetics, Biochemistry, and Vedic Philosophy—as a tool for human understanding.

It’s the most accurate assessment and profiling tool available to detail behaviors, blocks, and innate talents, allowing you to maximize your skills and energy to reach your full potential.

Human Design is a tool that allows you to decode your genetic and energetic map based on your birth details. It gives you profound insights into your psychology, life purpose, and how you relate to others.

The road to living your happiest, most fulfilled Self is not a one-size-fits-all template. It’s unique to only YOU. Human Design gives you the opportunity to know, develop, and enhance your gifts to be who you truly came here to be, which is the simplest way to live your dream life.

Quantum Human Design Chart

Tina LeAnn

If you’ve landed here with me, then we probably have a lot in common—adventure, exploration, curiosity, and undying love for humanity, while searching for the meaning of life.

We see beauty in the ordinary. We’re not satisfied with the status quo. We find comfort in discomfort. We’re always learning and always growing.

My life has been driven by this search for meaning, leading me to where I am today. My self-development journey started as a young adult; about 10 years ago, I dove head first into healing from the inside out. Spirituality, human behavior, and human design gave me the tools to learn, grow, evolve, and come home to love of Self.

Through inner knowing and by design, my purpose is to share this embodied wisdom through lived experience with you.

I look forward to being your guide as we unite to unearth who you are at the core, discover your truth, and share your gifts with the world.

We are all a work in progress.

The journey continues.

Much Love, Tina

Tina LeAnn Erdmann, Salt Lake City, Utah, Photo Credit Kara Marie Collective, Austin, TX


the roadmap to remembering.

Your mind chose suppression
Your soul wants freedom.
Set yourself free.



I have been on a journey to return to myself and my true purpose for some time. I had spent so much time listening to all of the external voices about what my life should look like that I didn’t trust that I could recognize my own voice anymore.

A friend recommend that I connect with Tina for a Human Design reading, and I am so very glad I did. The insights that Tina was able to provide about my purpose as well as the challenges I needed to overcome in this life resonated deeply.

She was able to pinpoint where my experiences and conditioning had created an imbalance and how I could grow to a more optimal expression of myself.

Tina has a true talent and passion for connecting and empowering others, and that came through in my reading.

After the initial reading, I was provided with a beautiful presentation of my full human design profile which I have made into my little “book of me” that I can refer back to any time, and she made herself available for follow up questions once I’d had time to process.

I would highly recommend Tina’s reading for anyone who is struggling with their path or who wants to know themselves better!

Kelly Engelbrecht

It feels very genuine and heartfelt to share my wonderful experience working with Tina LeAnn, who was referred to me by a trusted friend. Tina is such a joy to work with as she is a fun, creative strategist who helped me develop my brand and image with ease. She did a lot of the heavy lifting!

You may think you know what you want going into a project, but Tina focuses in on hearing you and applying her mastery and research to bring your vision to life. She ultimately designed an amazing website to share my story and showcase my business…including taking some great photos of me which brought out my personality and were perfect for my website. Her follow through is excellent and she delivers what she promises – and more!

Tina’s brings a lot to the table and her scope of expertise is beyond just branding, coaching and website creation. So, we will be working together on an ongoing basis to market me and my business. She is simply too much of a gem to not have her energy, creativity, and great thinking as part of my life and business going forward.

Tina is an incredible human and I am so grateful to have attracted her into my life! I was introduced to her and the concept of human design during a recent spiritual retreat.

I truly feel that human design is such an important tool to better understand ourselves and live in alignment with who we are and what we came here to do. What started out as a journey in search of peace and understanding from both of my parent’s deaths, has lead me to my own self-discovery.

This human design piece of the puzzle I was missing has been so eye-opening! I feel more powerful, less resistant, and am able to stand in my truth.

My husband also recently had his human design reading done. He is definitely more skeptical of anything out of the ordinary, but felt Tina was spot on and saw so much value in learning about his design. It has helped us better understand our differences and see more of each other’s gifts.

I will be having each of our daughter’s designs done in the near future as well. This is an investment in yourself that will never be wasted. It is simply one of the best tools ANYONE can have as we all navigate this journey of life!

Kristin Schneider

Thank you, Tina, for being the wind beneath my wings! You and your Human Design tools have taught me things about myself that I didn’t know and things I knew but didn’t fully comprehend. My Human Design empowered me to find my authentic self and purpose and then live it.

It helped me remember what truly makes me happy. It also helped me recognize the aspects of myself that are unbalanced and how to correct them. I definitely still find myself getting pulled back to my old patterns, but with the things I learned from you, I recognize it right away and can turn it around in days instead of years like before.

The Human Design book is so helpful to use as a reference. Recently, it seemed like the thing I needed to hear or need help with that day just happened to be the page I flipped to. Crazy!

This tool is so eye-opening. I truly feel that everyone should have it done, especially kids. I believe this would be more beneficial than those career tests they give in school. It would empower our children to live on purpose, listen to and follow their own instincts, and help them recognize the things about love and happiness that may have been “taught” to them unknowingly.

This tool would help them discover their true gifts, be authentic, and live their dream lives. What an amazing thing to know at such a young age!

Tina has a calm, focused nature and is also intuitive and strategic, a rare combination. She seems to know where you need to go with your life and business way before you do and then gives you the tools to get there.

Through working with Tina, I discovered that I’m a fairly killer manifestor (and I wasn’t even sure I believed in it until these sessions!). Tina gave me the confidence to tap into this gift and the tools.

Tina went above and beyond in providing me with the tools to grow while holding space for my personal development. So, if you are looking for a coach with a super rare mix of grit, grace, empathy, and a ballsy attitude to success, you have just found the perfect person. Don’t hesitate – just don’t.