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Human Design Authority: How We Make Aligned Decisions

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In Human Design, the concept of Authority provides guidance on how to make decisions that are correct for you, leading to a life that is more aligned with your true nature. Authority is determined by the configuration of your chart, specifically by which centers are defined and how they are connected.

Understanding your Authority is crucial in the Human Design system as it helps you make decisions aligned with your true self, leading to a more authentic and fulfilling life. Each Authority type offers a unique way of navigating life’s decisions, emphasizing the importance of trusting your inner guidance system.

Here’s a list of the different types of Authorities in Human Design, which help individuals understand the best way for them to make decisions:

1. Emotional Authority (Solar Plexus Authority)

The most common type of Authority, where decisions are best made over time and through an emotional wave, allowing clarity to emerge naturally. Trusting this process involves waiting to feel emotional clarity before making decisions.

2. Sacral Authority

Exclusive to Generators and Manifesting Generators with a defined Sacral center and no defined Solar Plexus. Decisions are made in response to life’s questions through guttural responses, like a “uh-huh” (yes) or “uhn-uhn” (no).

3. Splenic Authority

Found in individuals with a defined Spleen and an undefined Solar Plexus and Sacral. Decisions are made based on intuition or instinctual responses in the moment, often perceived as a quiet, inner voice or feeling.

4. Ego/Heart Authority

Present in those with a defined Ego/Heart center and an undefined Solar Plexus. Decisions are made based on what they truly desire or have the willpower to do, often linked to commitments or promises.

5. Self-Projected Authority

For Projectors with a defined G (Self) Center, and undefined Sacral, Solar Plexus, and Ego centers. Decision-making is guided by their own voice and identity, often needing to talk through their decisions to find clarity.

6. Environmental (No Direct Inner Authority)

Also known as None Authority, typically found in some Projectors and Reflectors. Decision-making is influenced by their environment and through discussions with others, relying on external factors rather than an internal compass.

7. Lunar Authority

Exclusive to Reflectors, with all centers undefined. Reflectors are advised to wait a full lunar cycle (around 29 days) before making major decisions, allowing them to sample different energies and gain clarity over time.

8. Mental/ Sound Authority

A variation seen in some Projectors, where decision-making is guided by discussing options and listening to their own words to find truth, similar to Self-Projected Authority but with a focus on mental processes and sounding out decisions.

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