Sovereign Soul

Tina LeAnn

If you’ve landed here with me, then we probably have a lot in common—adventure, exploration, curiosity, and undying love for humanity, while searching for the meaning of life.

We see beauty in the ordinary. We’re not satisfied with the status quo. We find comfort in discomfort. We’re always learning and always growing.

My life has been driven by this search for meaning, leading me to where I am today. My self-development journey started as a young adult; about 10 years ago, I dove head first into healing from the inside out. Spirituality, human behavior, and human design gave me the tools to learn, grow, evolve, and come home to love of Self.

Through inner knowing and by design, my purpose is to share this embodied wisdom through lived experience with you.

I look forward to being your guide as we unite to unearth who you are at the core, discover your truth, and share your gifts with the world.

We are all a work in progress.

The journey continues.

Much Love, Tina

Tina LeAnn Erdmann, Salt Lake City, Utah, Photo Credit Kara Marie Collective, Austin, TX

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the roadmap to remembering.

Your mind chose suppression
Your soul wants freedom.
Set yourself free.

Tina LeAnn Erdmann, Salt Lake City, Utah, Photo Credit Kara Marie Collective, Austin, TX