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Welcome to The Sovereign Soul Human Design Podcast, the space where the mysteries of being human unfold through the lens of human design and beyond. This isn’t just a journey; it’s an expedition into the depths of what it means to be truly alive.

I’m a 3/5 emotional Manifestor, Aquarius sun, Gemini moon, and Aquarius rising, guiding us in exploring Human Design as a tool for human understanding where science meets spirituality (where the tangible meets the mystical).

We often have big breakthroughs and a-ha moments as we learn more and more about ourselves through the chart, and then what?

It’s one thing to uncover these truths and another to live them. The path to transformation isn’t just about knowledge; it requires a departure from the old and into the new.

Yet, why can change be so challenging?

Because we’re complex beings, entangled in a web of neural pathways, nervous systems, and biochemical dances.

I’m not a doctor, scientist, or physicist. I’m merely a truth seeker driven by curiosity and some healthy skepticism. That’s why I’m bringing in the experts to illuminate the path and answer the age-old question: Are we spiritual beings on a human journey or human beings on a spiritual journey?

The debate is ancient, but the exploration is ever-present.
Join us on The Sovereign Soul Human Design Podcast, where we explore, evolve, and embark on this journey of transformation together.

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featured episode

In this episode, Kat Morrow dives deep into her world of gems and jewelry, revealing how she blends the tangible with the intangible to find beauty that resonates on a deeper level.
From her first diamond ring to becoming a respected figure in the industry, Kat’s story is a testament to the power of belief, determination, and embracing wellness in all its forms.
Kat also opens up about her work in animal conservation, her commitment to the community, and how she’s making a positive impact beyond the confines of her profession.
🎧 Tune in to discover how Kat’s philosophy of health, passion, and meaningful beauty can inspire you to pursue your passions, live fully, and find the jewels that reflect your journey.
This episode is filled with laughter, inspiration, and invaluable insights you won’t want to miss! Check it out now and let Kat Morrow’s radiant energy and passion for life inspire you to shine bright in your journey.

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Your soul wants freedom.
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