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March Mastery: Let’s talk about goals

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Let’s talk about goals as commitments!

The idea for march mastery came about when I was looking at my overall goals for the year and realized that I wasn’t going to hit some of them because I wasn’t making necessary micro moves each day to help me get closer to the goals.

I recently watched the documentary American Symphony about John Baptiste and what it took for him to compose a one-night only symphony while navigating his wife, Suleika Jaouad’s cancer treatments. She’s also a well-known creator in her own right.

At the same time they learned that he was nominated for 11 grammy’s they also learned that Suleika’s cancer had returned after 10 years of remission.

The documentary beautifully outlines the high highs and low lows of navigating both worlds as one.

You have to confront the brutal facts of reality that you might not pull it off, but at the same time have unwavering faith, complete unwavering faith, and you have to do both at the saem time.

Jon Batiste

That got me thinking about how I sometimes let things slide in my own life and business when I face challenges. I can sometimes let my emotions or fears get in the way of the life that I’m creating. I can procrastinate, skip steps, and sometimes I show up passively instead of being all in. 

So I started thinking about idea of self-mastery—self-mastery as an artist, athlete, entrepreneur, any path one chooses in life, and also as a human which requires a daily practice of consistent micro moves that take you to the big goal, the big dream whatever that looks like for you. 

It takes commitment, discipline, focus, self-love, trust in yourself, faith, and complete surrender. It takes stepping into a new identity.

According to L.E. Berk in Exploring Lifespan Developmnet, the scientific defintion of identity is: “a well-organized conception of the self, consisting of values and beliefs to which the individual is solidly committed.”

So this means, your identity is based on what you’re most commited to—or, the narrative that you’re most commited to.

Side note: which is why I love Human Design so much! It helps us rewrite our narrative and step into new identities as we grow and evolve.

This year I committed to spending a few minutes at the end of each month to review how I’m doing in moving forward toward my goals. And I got really honest in how I’m falling short in some areas this year so far.

I got my journal out and made two lists: 1. what’s working for me and 2. what’s not working so far this year to move me closer to my goals.

Then I made a third list of things that I can add in and remove from my life that’ll help me build a foundation of self-mastery through consistency and micro commitments. 

AND – making and completing micro-commitments to yourself is the path to love of self, trusting yourself, and raising your self-worth. It’s the path stepping into a new identity.

So from that list, I picked the things that are going help me build the most solid foundation. And then I committed and recommitted to those things for the month of March and hopefully beyond:

  1. Meditate every morning upon waking. Even if it’s only ten minutes.
  2. Take five minutes in the evening to prep for the following day.
  3. Listen to and act on the whisper. NO. MATTER. WHAT.
  4. Post on social media every day. I’ve made this promise to myself about 956,347 times in the past five years. It’s about time I took this seriously because the whisper will. not. leave. me. alone…no more excuses.
  5. Exercise daily. Walk, yoga, or gym. I’ve been skipping days.
  6. No TV. I have gotten in the habit of thinking I need to stream a show in order to fall asleep. I don’t.
  7. Drink more water.

Now I turn it over to you. Make a list what’s working so far this year and another list of what’s not working this year to get you moving toward your goals.

Then make a third list of micro-commitments that you can add or remove from your life that’ll help you build self-mastery. Commit to one or two for this month and post in the group so we can all hold each other accountable.

The 4 C’s Formula by Dan Sullivan:

  • Commitment
  • Courage
  • Capability
  • Confidence

When you commit to a big goal that pushes outside your comfort zone, it requires courage to move in that direction, which develops capability, which builds confidence.

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Lovingly, Tina

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