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The Channel of Connecting: 6 – 59

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Source wave—the mildest of all emotional waves. Manifestors do not have this wave as gate 59 is in the Sacral; Manifestors have an undefined Sacral.

The Channel 59-6 in Human Design, often called the Channel of Intimacy, links the Solar Plexus (Gate 6) to the Sacral Center (Gate 59). This channel is significant in Human Design because it concerns the emotional aspects of sexuality, reproduction, and intimate relationships. The emotional wave associated with this channel is known as the “source” emotional wave, which plays a key role in how individuals experience and express their emotions in close relationships. It’s the mildest of all emotional waves. Manifestors do not have this wave as gate 59 is in the Sacral; Manifestors have an undefined Sacral.

Characteristics of the Channel 59-6

  1. Gate 59 – The Gate of Sexuality: This gate is all about breaking down barriers to intimacy. It represents the ability to create closeness and is directly linked to reproduction and the survival of the species. People with this gate defined might feel a strong desire to connect deeply with others.
  2. Gate 6 – The Gate of Friction: This gate is connected to emotional clarity and the rules around intimacy and conflict. It acts as a filter, deciding what and who gets close emotionally. It’s about the balance between opening up to intimacy and protecting oneself from potential emotional harm.

The Source Emotional Wave

The source emotional wave is characterized by a very subtle, slow-building fluctuation in emotional energy. Unlike other waves that may have more dramatic highs and lows, the source wave is gradual and can be less noticeable to the person experiencing it as well as to those around them. This can often lead to misunderstandings in emotional expressions, especially in intimate settings.

Phases of the Source Wave

  • Buildup Phase: Emotions start off low and slowly begin to build. During this phase, individuals might feel increasingly sensitive or emotional but may not show it outwardly.
  • Peak Phase: This is where the emotional intensity reaches its highest point. At this peak, emotional expressions can be potent and highly impactful, potentially leading to significant decisions or changes in relationships.
  • Resolution Phase: After the peak, there’s a gradual decline in emotional intensity, leading to a period of calm. This phase often involves reflection, understanding, and sometimes reconciliation in relationships.

Impact on Relationships

For those with the Channel 59-6 defined:

  • Intimacy Dynamics: Understanding one’s own emotional wave is crucial for maintaining healthy relationships. It helps in communicating needs and expectations more clearly to partners, particularly in how they handle closeness and emotional exchanges.
  • Decision Making: Decisions, especially those concerning relationships or emotional commitments, should ideally be made after allowing the emotional wave to pass through its full cycle. This ensures that decisions are made with emotional clarity rather than in the heat of the moment.
  • Communication: Effective communication about one’s emotional state can aid in avoiding conflicts and enhancing the depth of intimacy. Partners may need to understand the slow and subtle nature of the source wave to better support each other emotionally.

Recognizing and respecting this wave can greatly enhance how individuals interact with their close partners and manage their emotional landscape, fostering more profound and resilient relationships.

Lovingly, Tina

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