Sovereign Soul

Tina LeAnn Erdmann, Human Design Expert, Life Coach, Salt Lake City, Utah


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Human Design is a roadmap to your authentic Self. It’s a reflection of the deep knowing you hold showing you the way into alliance with your truth.

It’s a remembering.

If you’re ready to live with integrity and express your highest potential, I invite you to join me on this journey where I synthesize the Human Design system into a digestible format, making it easy to absorb and embody.

Knowledge is potential power. The real power lies in what you do with the knowledge.

why Substack?

Because I can house everything in one area.

It’s the answer to my prayers, to be honest. I wanted a space that’s easy for all of you to navigate where I could house all things Human Design—articles, photos, notes, audio, and videos—and Substack delivers. I invite you to subscribe, download the app, and enjoy the ride. Let’s roll.