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Rampart Ridge Loop Trail, Brian Head, Utah

Empower Your Life: Embrace Your Human Design Type

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Autumn is my favorite season for so many reasons: the cool, crisp air, colorful leaves, festivals, and Halloween—my favorite holiday.

The past few weekends have been relaxing and memorable as I continue to build my life here in Utah while discovering new things both on my own and with those closest to me.

Driving the Alpine Loop is a must-do. Especially when the leaves are at their peak colors.

Finn’s Cafe in Sugarhouse is a must-go-to for brunch. It’s a Scandinavian-influenced American Cafe. The food is delicious, the service is top-notch, and Sugarhouse is one of the cutest areas in Salt Lake City. 

Diabolical Records is a fun store for all things vinyl—specializing in indie artists—in downtown Salt Lake. Yes, I listen to vinyl, shoot photos on film, and drive a 1971 Plymouth—I’m old school all the way. Latest purchase: Joni Mitchel (my mom had this playing in the background throughout my childhood), Jethro Tull, and Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes.

Community Harvest Market in Sundance was magical. We enjoyed shopping by local artisans, live music, fresh food, went zip lining, and ate barbecue while cozied up at picnic tables with strangers who became fast friends.

I also booked an Airbnb at the last minute a few weekends ago in Brian Head, and it was just what I needed to refresh and restore. It was so quiet—the city gets loud for me—and I could see billions of stars without the light pollution. If you ever get over there, I recommend the Rampart Ridge Loop hiking trail (Photo above taken from this trail).

Each day, in so many ways, I’m discovering as many new things about myself as I am about Utah. As I move forward and look to the future while creating my dream life, I often take a few moments to reflect on how far I’ve come. 

I ask myself different questions now that Human Design is a big part of my life to ensure I’m utilizing my energy as best I can through my Type, Authority, and Profile as a Manifestor. 

As we step into the year’s final quarter, here are some questions for contemplation for each Type to regroup and give yourself what you need right now, make shifts, and set yourself for a powerful 2024.


Manifestors: Do you feel free and autonomous? How do you feel about being the powerful force that you are? Do you hold back? Do you feel comfortable being powerful? Are you doing things on our terms in your own way? Where are you not? Are you feeling angry? What is that anger telling you? Are you initiating or waiting for things to come to you? Are you comfortable going first? Do an energy check-in: do you need to step up, or do you need to rest? Are you informing those around you? Where and when do you feel most at peace? What needs to be healed, released, aligned, and brought to your awareness for you to trust your own powerful connection to your own right timing?

Projectors: Do you recognize the value and gift of your perspective? Do you value yourself just for being you, or are you placing your value and worth based on how much you do? What do you need to heal and release to value yourself more? Do you feel bitter or resentful? If so, what are those feelings telling you? Are you getting enough rest? Do you have the energy for the opportunities you’re seeking? Think about the greatest invitations you’ve received in your life. How did it feel to be invited and recognized correctly? What Type of environment were you in? What Type of people were you surrounded by? What was your state of being? Invest more energy in those areas and less in areas where you’re feeling bitterness.

Generators: Are you excited and satisfied with life? Are you trusting your own magnetism and writing for things to come to you? Or are you initiating and forcing things into existence? Do you trust that the next right thing will show up at the right time? How do you feel about waiting? Are you using the liminal time wisely in building self-mastery? What can you do to cultivate more patience and alignment? Are you connected to your gut response/Sacral? Do you trust your Sacral? How do you experience frustration? Where do you feel it in your body? What is the frustration trying to tell you? 

Reflectors: Do you recognize the value and gift of your perspective? What Type of environment allows you to feel appreciated for your perspective? What Type of spaces feels good to be in? Where do you feel the most at peace in life? Who is curious about how you see the world? Are you investing in those relationships? Do you feel disappointed? What is that feeling trying to tell you? Who or what are you disappointed in? Do you feel responsible for healing the pain of others? Can you release yourself from this responsibility? Do you feel responsible for helping others meet their full potential? Can you release yourself from this responsibility? Are you giving yourself enough time to make decisions? 

Manifesting Generators: Are you getting enough physical activity? How do you manage your energy and your multi-tasking? Are you giving yourself the opportunity to pivot as needed? Are you permitting yourself to let go of something (even if you haven’t finished the project) that is no longer aligned or working? Are you allowing yourself to start new things? Are you trusting your magnetism and letting things come to you? Or are you initiating and trying to force things into existence? How do you feel about waiting? Are you using the liminal time wisely in building self-mastery? What can you do to cultivate more patience and alignment? Are you connected to your gut response/Sacral? Do you trust your Sacral? How do you experience frustration and anger? Where do you feel it in your body? What is the frustration and anger trying to tell you? Where are you able to move fast and be in your flow? Where do you feel slowed down? 

Wishing you the most beautiful days ahead.

Let’s roll. ✌️❤️🙏

Lovingly, Tina

P.S. If you haven’t run your chart yet, you can do so HERE for free.

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Note: the guidebooks are delivered in PDF format via email within seven days. These are NOT printed booklets.

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