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Summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, East Africa

A Journey of Self-Discovery

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This beautiful journey has nothing to do with travel or the car and has everything to do with self-discovery through experience.

Life’s journey is about entering the depths and entertaining the possibilities of who you are through lived experience.

It’s about being open, receptive, giving, and of service.

It’s about showing up each day and bringing your A-game, whatever your A-game is at the moment.

It’s about energetic radiance and dancing with duality.

Who you are right now, in this present moment, is a culmination of life’s practice in how you react to and navigate challenges, bliss, and everything in between.

I often reflect on how humans have the capacity to feel and experience pure joy and love in our hearts while our life is dismantling at the same time.

We have the ability and the responsibility to stand firm in adversity with grace, compassion, and humility.

As I reflect on the past year, I have lovingly stepped away from a 21-year marriage, friends, family, my portrait photography business, and my home in Germantown; basically, everything I had known for the past two decades.

While all the external was falling away, and as I transmuted pain and grief internally, I made new friends, bought my dream car, traveled to 20 states while living as a nomad, launched a website design company, hiked in the mountains, swam in the ocean, enjoyed campfires and quiet time, found pleasure in thought-provoking conversations with complete strangers, hugged hundreds of humans, laughed and cried with soul-mates, and so much more.

I am alive.
I am home.

There’s something very profound about taking this journey solo while far away from family and dear friends—my sangha.

I’m uncovering a deeper sense of strength, confidence, and courage.
It requires higher levels of self-mastery.

I take my time and allow answers to come from a place of grounded neutrality.
I have an unshakable knowing of who I truly am and what I truly want out of life.

While I was never one to seek external validation, I sometimes waited for permission. Not anymore.
My voice is louder than anyone else’s now.

The greatest lesson I’ve learned in all of this is that self-sacrifice will get you nowhere; giving yourself what you need to live a joy-filled life will get you everywhere and will give you everything.

Lovingly, Tina

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