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Tina LeAnn Erdmann, Salt Lake City, Utah, Photographer, Writer, Designer, Storyteller, Mentor, Coach

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Nine months ago, I lovingly stepped away from the comfortable life I had lived for over 20 years.

Instead of getting an apartment or moving into a different (but similar) home in a different (but similar) neighborhood, I decided to follow a lifelong yearning and live outside the societal box as a nomad. 

And what better way to add to the adventure than to buy my dream car, a 1971 Plymouth Cuda, as the literal and metaphorical vehicle of transformation?

I was in survival mode for several months while giving myself space to transmute the pain, grief, and loss into alchemized self-love—to heal from the inside out.

And while this journey isn’t easy, it is everything.

I feel the full spectrum of emotions, from loneliness, sadness, and fear to serenity, bliss, and deep gratitude that brings me to my knees—sometimes all in one day. 

I’m learning, growing, and dancing with duality.

Loving and letting go.
Feeling connected, yet unattached.
Knowing that I’m fully supported even though I’m alone.

Rough edges are softening and walls are crumbling as I continue to surrender to the surrender and live into all I am.

I’m strong, healthy, radiant, and on purpose.

I am home. Home is wherever I am.

Let’s Roll

Lovingly, Tina

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